Selling or Renting your Home?

Preparation Phase 3: The Laundry

Small plumbing-related updates can have a big impact!

When you prepare your Triangle Area residence for selling it, or want to update a rental property, you will want to be sure that it will look and “be” its best. The obvious preparation items, such as paint, flooring, etc., almost always get done. But let’s continue reviewing the less obvious repairs and upgrades that can really set your property apart.

In our first article of this series, we mentioned some of the easily overlooked things, such as a leaky shower drain that might be causing water damage, or damaged or mis-matched bathroom fixtures, and deciding whether they should be replaced, for visual impression, and/or for home inspection purposes.

We also mentioned that the parts of the home that use plumbing a great deal are some of the most important areas, for many people.  When we buy or rent a new home,  the kitchen and bath are high on our priority items.

There is a good chance that there are several repairs and/or upgrades that can be made, and you might not have thought of them.  For that reason, we’ve put together the following to help get your place functioning at – and looking – its best!

Last month, we looked at the bathroom, in

Selling or Renting your Home? Preparation Phase 2: Bathroom

This month – Laundry Room Plumbing tips for selling or renting

In this installment of plumbing tips from the pros we’ll be looking at the often neglected laundry room.

Washing machines tend to use a lot of water, and see a lot of use. Making sure the machine itself is in good condition can protect the laundry room and value of your home. Make sure the washing machine receives its water supply via stainless steel flex lines, rather than standard rubber hoses; problems with water supply lines are the leading cause of water damage in laundry rooms, and flex lines are less likely to leak.

Laundry Room Drain Make sure there is a floor drain in the room, and that the washing machine drain pan is connected. In the event of an overflow or leaking hose, the floor drain will help prevent serious water damage.

A flood is bad anywhere, but becomes much worse when it’s in the house itself. Even after all the preventative measures, sometimes you just can’t prevent the leak, a burst pipe, or other disaster; fortunately, you can install a flood prevention system in the laundry room (or anywhere there’s a flood risk). Spotting one of these systems on the floor should make any potential buyer/renter appreciate your foresight!

Is there a sink/basin in the laundry room? Take the same precautions you would with any other sink: look for signs of water damage in the area, and check the valves and supply lines for any issues, and ensure that the faucet is in good working order.

If your water heater is also in your laundry room, that’s another water risk to be concerned about; tank heaters over ten years old may need replacement, especially if they’re giving you any trouble. Remember even newer tanks still require proper maintenance. A temperature and pressure (T&P) relief valve is an absolute must.  Contact Arc Plumbing to learn about tankless water heaters!

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