Selling or Renting your Home?

Preparation Phase 1: Kitchen

Small plumbing-related updates can have a big impact!

When you prepare your Apex residence for selling it, or want to update a rental property, you will want to be sure that it will look and “be” its best. The obvious preparation items, such as paint, flooring, etc., almost always get done. But there are less obvious repairs and upgrades that can really set your property apart.

Easily overlooked things might include checking for a leaky shower drain that might be causing water damage.  Deciding if a damaged or mis-matched bathroom fixture should be replaced, for visual impression, and/or for home inspection purposes.

The parts of the home that use plumbing a great deal are some of the most important areas, for many people.  Think about when you buy or rent a new home: the kitchen and bath are high on your priority items. There is a good chance that there are several repairs and/or upgrades that can be made, and you might not have thought of them.  For that reason, we’ve put together the following to help get your place functioning at – and looking – its best!

In the Kitchen

The Kitchen Sink - Prepare yours for sale or rent of your property

Other than the appliances, the sink is probably the most noticed part of the kitchen. Give yours a close inspection.  Looking for chips, cracks, discoloration, and sealant that is deteriorated. If your sink is damaged or simply out-of-date, you probably should replace it. Do remember, though, that you are only aiming to get things to look their best, not re-decorating.  Better to look for something tasteful that matches the rest of the kitchen, but is moderately priced.

If the faucet is leaking, fix that, for sure. Or, if the finish on the faucet is tarnished or just looks bad, it is likely a good idea to get a new one. Look for something nice, but as with the sink, it’s probably not worth it to spend too much unless you need to keep up appearances in an already fancy kitchen.

One thing to think about:  a noticeable difference can be made just by replacing the basket strainer.  A new strainer really makes the sink look clean and finished!

The water supply lines that connect to faucets, dishwashers, and icemakers need to have shut-off valves on them!  These are necessary in your home in order to prevent flooding and make for easier repairs. Any leaking or non-operational valves need to be replaced immediately. Take time to inspect the lines themselves, too – replace them with stainless steel flex lines if there are any indications of a leak or damage.

Escutcheons and Flanges - update them for prepping your home for sale Cover exposed supply holes and replace escutcheons and flanges that are worn or don’t match: you might be surprised what a difference this little change can make! Even under the sink or otherwise out of view, having a clean escutcheon secure against the wall demonstrates an attention to detail that will make an impact.

Final note for the kitchen:  the aerators on your faucet can become damaged or clogged. A weak, sputtering or uneven flow from the faucet can turn off many potential buyers, and could cause unnecessary concern over the home’s water supply. Though it is among the most minor of possible fixes, the effects can be big.

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