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Are your Raleigh home drains clogged or slow?

Of all the drains that can get clogged, the “sewer drain” clog is a very serious problem that can be considered a plumbing emergency and a distinct health problem. Since the sewer water has no place to go, it will all come back up into the household plumbing system in one way or another. When you have a sewer drain clog, you should not use any of the plumbing in the home until the stoppage is cleared. Let Arc handle your Raleigh drain clearing needs.


past tense: clogged; past participle: clogged
block or become blocked with an accumulation of thick, wet matter.
“the gutters were clogged up with leaves”
“the pipes were clogged”

If you suspect that you have a sewer drain clog, it is important to confirm this and clear it as soon as possible.

There are several signs that you may have a sewer drain clog, the main one is:

Multiple Fixtures Are Clogged

A very obvious sign of a sewer drain clog is when more than one plumbing fixture backs up at the same time. Toilets, in particular, are affected by this, but other fixtures can also be involved. If you suspect that you have a sewer drain clog, start by checking other fixtures in the home.

Arc Plumbing offers drain clearing solutions for your Raleigh home.

We are a full service plumbing and drain cleaning company serving the Raleigh and Wake County areas of North Carolina. We service homes and businesses with high quality craftsmanship, affordable prices and excellent customer service. Let Arc handle your Raleigh drain clearing needs. Apex drain clearing

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